Communication Coaching for Executives & B2B-Sales

With the following matters customers approach me:
»How to reach and lead partners more successfully, whether in conversations, on the phone, in emails?«

»What arguments, what communication strategy to use for solving awkward situations elegantly?«

»What words, what elements to use to inspire my partner, my listeners, and motivate them even more?«

»What weaknesses do I have in my appearance, my presentation, my way of communicating?«

»How can I make more out of my appearance? How do I sell myself better?«

In order to help you most effectively, in the course of my 16-years
of coaching experience I developed a helpful tool to analyze personalities.

By this we detect in advance strengths, weaknesses, and sabotages in your
communication, in the way you perceive other people, and in your conduct.
From there we develop a strategy tailored to your achieving
your goal more successfully, solving your challenge more securely.

What do you think?

Communication Coaching
Great communication skills are the cause of success, motivation and good cooperation.

As a first step we analyze the current situation and your goals. Where are you standing? Which communication patterns have you become used to? What does your sales presentation look like? How do you communicate with partners? In the second step, we consider your goal or your challenge. We develop appropriate lines of argumentation. We work on presentations. We work on your appearance, your conversation-skill, or your timing until the problem is resolved or the goal is reached.
Relationship Coaching
Whether in business or in private life, well-functioning relationships are the foundation of a successful life.

First we analyze your current situation, your relationship, and the behavior of your partner. Where do you sabotage yourself, where do you have strengths? What kind of partners are you dealing with? Why do you fail with certain things in relationships, while other stuff is easy for you? Then we coach you to get closer to your dream partner. We formulate text-messages, emails, and prepare calls so you have specific contents that works.

»      Challenging (new) position:
When you're dealing with challenging or difficult colleagues, superiors, or customers, communication is very important. Now every word should fit. Your correspondence, the way you make a case for you, should bring you success and recognition. Your appearance should strengthen you in your (new) position.

»      Corporate Communications / Team Communication:
The strength and power of a team, a company is based on their communication. How do we communicate? What do we communicate and to whom? All this needs to fit to your team, your company, so you don’t unnecessarily lose strength or competitiveness.
»      Giving presentations and lectures:
How do you present something in a persuasive way? How to wrap arguments best? How do you generate curiosity or enthusiasm rather than disinterest and boredom? Together we go through your presentation. We work on images, strengthen arguments, work on the right tone. We improve your posture, gestures, and appearance.

»      Sales Communication:
How do you present yourself in a business context? Which ways of bringing your arguments forward are great in a customer call, which are deadly? How do you motivate yourself, how do you communicate with yourself in order to stay strong and powerful?
1 // Analysis & Comprehension - The light bulb moment

Where do you stand now? Is something wrong in your team or with your customers? And where are you going? What is your goal, your task? In an initial interview, we are going to have a look at your current situation through the eyes of a communication and motivational coach. Using our tools, we examine the strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and potentials of your communication. It will be a moment in which you have light bulb moments, because you can see more clearly and understand why certain things are going the way they do.
2 // Strategy

On this basis, we can create a strategy tailered to you or your team. It includes the means, lines of reasoning, communication patterns that are necessary to deal more successfully with your very specific, perhaps difficult business partners. The strategy also includes a schedule of sub-goals, by which we will achieve your main goal.
3 // Implementation / Monitoring

The most important thing is the actual implementation of your target, or the actual solution of your challenge. This of course varies from case to case. Maybe we will work together to improve your presentation and practice until it really fits. Maybe we sit and discuss on a regular basis the progress of your schedule and support you with certain measures. We may train your staff or team to implement new communication strategies. Maybe we are composing messages, having phone calls or practice certain conversations, so they then can be used by you in important conversations or negotiations.
Rainer Groß
Head of tax office Augsburg
"I want to thank Mr. Emanuel Albert warmly in the name of the tax office Augsburg. He held the best seminar in this house and maybe even the best that was ever held in a tax office."

Tanja Koschade
CEO/ Founder
"Emanuel Albert is an outstanding coach and expert in his field. He has been with me in the initial phase of my agency and encouraged me in my undertaking. Doing so, he not only analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of a personality, he also gives sound advice as a business partner in concrete situations, no matter which."

Christoph Gross
CEO/ Founder
"With a clear view, sharp mind, and well-founded techniques, Emanuel Albert managed to open my eyes to deep insights about myself, in order to then work with me on the central points. Especially his clear judgment and his systematic approach impressed me very much, actually really amazed me and helped me a lot"

Ammad Ahmad
Atheneum Partners GmbH
"Thank you for your outstanding management and communication coachings, Emanuel! My teams were delighted with the valuable content and the high number of practical exercises. Besides, the trainings were also entertaining. But most important, due to your sales-communication trainings, our sales figures could rise more than 50%. Thumbs up!"

In addition to various individual coachings and open seminars,
Emanuel Albert has performed as a coach and consultant
to the following companies, among others:
• Allianz AG
• Berliner Senat
• DN Capital
• Deutsche Börse AG
• DYNAware
• Finanzamt Augsburg
• GamersWear
• HypoVereinsbank AG
• klug newmedia GmbH
• Metafinanz GmbH
• MaxiConcept GmbH
• Novell United Internet
• O2
• Tesis SYSware & Tesis
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Albert Emanuel
married, born in 1972 in Göttingen, Dipl Inf. with Psychology, communications coach.

Since the beginning of my studies, coaching and seminars were very important to me. I went through all kinds of careers, read books and articles, and participated in an endless number of seminars.

My achievements include a very good degree, a postgraduate course in adult education, and an international training as a coach. But what would theory count without practice? Since 1996, I have independently conducted seminars and given business coachings. What I started as side-job quickly grew in my main job. In 2003 I started my office for personal coaching and training in Munich, Germany.

After all those years of personal coaching, "communication" became my core topic. Whether the customer is a director, an executive, or self-employed, goals depend on the correct external and internal communication.


Communication coaching & Consulting

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